The Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association is excited about collecting imagery of special places in Southeast Tennessee, North Georgia, & Southwest North Carolina in partnership with Google Maps. We are borrowing the Trekker camera, hiking around these unique and amazing locations, and will share these images for processing and future inclusion as panoramic images that everyone can see and enjoy on Street View in Google Maps. What this technology and opportunity provides is an enhanced way for visitors to connect with these special places in a way they may never have before. In fact, we expect many people may never get to explore these places in person, so we are so happy to open it up for the world to enjoy. We’ll be at this for a while, but stay tuned for announcements from Google and the Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association. Go to Google Maps and explore some of the Street View imagery that we have captured so far.

Explore some of the unique places we have captured so far

Brown’s Ferry Federal Road – Hamilton County, TN

Cleveland Greenway – Bradley County, TN

Cumberland Trail – Hamilton County, TN

Eureka Trail – McMinn County, TN

Foster Falls – Marion County, TN

Mountain Goat Trail – Grundy County, TN

Nickajack Cave Wildlife Refuge – Marion County, TN

Ocoee Whitewater Center – Polk County, TN

Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook – Polk County, TN